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Our 1-Day Enrichment Program

We designed a 1-day per week enrichment program for homeschooled children, aged 10-16, locally in Austin, TX.  We have a vision of a world where children learn how to access & express their thoughts and feelings, and communicate their ideas in a healthy and effective way.

Learning By Experiencing, Together

The Day

Morning Mindfulness

Students begin their day at Austin StartUp School by joining morning circle, where they are encouraged to let go of negative emotions, set clear intentions and confidently articulate their requests from & offerings to the group.

Unleash Your Heroic Voice: Speaking/Writing

Public Speaking & Self Expression.

The students learn to formulate ideas, tell stories and express their feelings through spoken and written words. Students will have the option to complete 1 of 2 projects each semester –

a TED-style talk for their peers and a live audience OR publish a book on Amazon.

Financial Literacy & Economics

Children learn how to manage money, think about the long term and plan for the future.  They’ll learn a simple and effective financial planning process that has helped thousands of people manage their money…you’ll wish you knew this when you were their age!

Nurtured by Nature

We help children reconnect with nature and the source of their sustenance during lunch break.

Practicing mindfulness and gratitude is an ongoing habit we instill so they understand, appreciate and respect where food is sourced and how it nourishes their minds as well as their bodies.

Business & Product Development

Each semester we create a new product/business with the whole group. Everyone is involved and gets to learn about their natural, gifted attributes and where those might be best suited in a business, organization, or team. We celebrate our differences and encourage collaboration so that they practice partnering and working with others to achieve more.
Products will be launched online and in local stores wherever possible, with a percentage of profits going to each child, deposited in a bank account on their behalf and accessible when they reach 18 years of age.
Help us prepare children for the future and help them avoid going into large debt at the start of their adult lives!

New Program Starts Soon

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Unleash Your Heroic Voice™

Public Speaking

In this program, your child will understand how to communicate ideas, emotions and experiences through the art of storytelling. Taking from the strategies we teach adults for TED talks and industry conferences, your child will have the option to do their own live presentation at the end of the semester (perfect for their transcript/portfolio)!

Publish A Book


We encourage all students to develop their expressive writing skills. Vital for the future, the ability to write creative and compelling works seems to be a dying art. We show them how to plan, draft, edit and publish a book on Amazon and how to earn $ from it!

Build A Business

Create & Sell Physical Products in a Real Business

As a team, we will go from idea to implementation with bringing a physical product to market and building a business from the ground up. Each child will learn about their unique attributes and where those gifts are best placed within a team and in business structures.
Learning about different departments, aspects of business and roles/responsibilities will give them a huge advantage now and for the future.
Each child will make a percentage of the profits which will be deposited into a bank account that will be accessible when they reach 18 years old.
Our mission is to educate financially literate children who have money saved and business skills by the time they graduate high school, preparing them for college or a career debt-free and in demand.

Testimonials & Rave Reviews From The Community

What People Are Saying

“My humble opinion is that your tuition amount, while on the high end for Austin one-day programs, is reasonable considering all the value that is included for your students”.


“I want to thank you for such an innovative program! We need this in South Austin so desperately! We’re happy homeschooling, but if I gave you a list of what I would love to be available for my kids to learn in collaboration with peers and an engaged mentor – your program fits perfectly!”


“I appreciate so much what you guys are doing. Austin is a wonderful fit for something like this!”


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