Lesson 1: Business Opportunities

This week we learn about what entrepreneurship is, how to find opportunities and what a market really is.

Step 1.

Watch this welcome video!

Lesson Tasks

  • Task # 1

    Watch the 2 short videos below

In this video we learn about a special perspective on life and creativity from one of the most successful people in history!

In this video we learn about how a 10 yr old took an old recipe from her grandmother and by adding a twist, made it on Shark Tank and created a huge business!

Lesson Tasks

  • Task Number 2

    Grab a pen and paper.   Set a timer for 45 seconds.

    Look around the room you’re in now, and write down as many things that you can see that were made by someone (man-made) and not from nature.

    In class, the highest number someone had was 24 in 45 seconds…see if you can beat that!

Lesson Tasks

  • Task Number 3

    This week, look out for problems.  Problems = opportunities.

    (the video below gives you a walkthrough of your task for this week)

    Listen to your parents, consider your own struggles or frustrations, and ask friends.

    Find out what pain/emotions people have as a result = sadness, irritation or a feeling of not having enough time, etc.

    Ask them what they would pay to have a solution to that problem.  How important/valuable it would be to overcome that problem.

This video below will give you a walkthrough of this week's task #3 in more detail.