Lesson 1: Unleash Your Heroic Voice - Speaking

This week we learn about what Unleashing Your Heroic Voice is all about and what it means to be You-nique.

Step 1.

Watch this short welcome video.

Lesson Tasks

  • Task Number 1

    Grab a pen and paper.

    Write freely about what “Unleash Your Heroic Voice” means to you after listening to the intro video.

Step 2.

Check out this video about an amazing quote and see if you can guess what Ben is drawing...

Lesson Tasks

  • Task Number 2

    What are your superpowers?

    What are you really good at? What do people come to you for over and over again?

    What advice do you feel you have for others?

    Write freely about:

    What your superpowers are.
    What is an interesting fact about you that others, outside of your close friends & family, don’t know?
    What is an area that you would like to improve (or you can benefit from someone else’s superpowers)?

Step 3.

Watch these 2 TED talks below

Lesson Tasks

  • Task Number 3

    What did you think or feel about these talks?

    What did you like?

    What did you not like?

    Did they inspire you?

    Write down what you took away from these talks by 2 young kids Unleashing Their Heroic Voices!