Over the past 2 years we’ve helped children become published authors, speak on stages and launch physical product businesses. They’ve won awards on Amazon, been featured in local bookstores, made wholesale agreements with local businesses, and engaged in e-commerce with our support in creating landing pages and building websites with online stores.

Collectively, they’ve earned several thousand dollars to invest in college, future business ventures, and whatever their hearts desire! And along the way, they’ve inspired many of their young peers.

We are thrilled that all of these results align with our vision and mission to help unlock the innate gifts and talents within each child, with the intention that they will ultimately be equipped to bring about creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

After all, they will be inheriting and leading the world of tomorrow!

We’ve been blown away by the support from people sharing their desire for our vision to be realized and we’ve been diligently planning and designing a way to get our programs, layered teaching methodology and individualized learning approach to more people of varied financial and geographical situations.

We are proud and excited to say, it’s HERE!

Alt Ed Academy is our new online learning platform that brings elements of modern neuroscience, accelerated learning and the latest in education technology to support your child to discover and utilize their own unique and preferred learning style.

Our flagship courses, “Unleash the Author Within”, “The Path to Published”, “Unleash Your Heroic Voice – Public Speaking”, and “Intro to Entrepreneurship“ will be accessible year-round and at your own pace, with more courses utilizing our signature style being added regularly on topics such as building a personal brand, creating high-quality videos, setting up websites and online stores, building a financial foundation…and so much more!

In addition to our programs, we will also be working toward our goal of cultural integration and global connection for children through our “community calls” where they can connect with other peers from around the world to engage socially and learn from each other in a new way!

Find our revolutionary new online learning platform here:  http://AltEdAcademy.com

See you in cyberspace!

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